My First Post.

by littlemissthinksalot

Dear (potential, I hope) readers,

It’s my first time writing a blog and the first ever step to what I hope would be a writing career in the future.

To begin with, English is not my first language. So, I forgive for any errors I might make in grammar.

My goal is for ‘It all begins with a smile’ to be a platform for all my fellow introverts out there; where they can discuss the obstacles they face in an extrovert dominant world. I would also be looking forward to discuss issues concerning social anxiety and other social problems that we, as both introverts and extroverts(!) alike, face on a daily basis.

By no means am I a professional, but I would simply be reaching out to all of you based on my own personal experiences, thoughts and feelings on equally relatable matters.

I’m looking forward to build together a connective circle where we can learn from one another and always remember…. it all really does begin with a smile~ 🙂